Whether you are new to Norwood Public School or just to the PTO — we are glad you are here! The PTO is the best way to get involved in the life and education of our kids at Norwood Public School. Through the PTO, we — parents, teachers and community members — get to combine our skills and enjoy the fruit that comes from working together for the good of children in our community.


Want to join us? Here are the steps we suggest :)


1—Register on this site

... to make it easier to communicate, volunteer, donate and make purchases online. Signing up is free. 



2—Join the PTO & Pay Class Dues

... so Norwood Public School kids can have a powerful voice. Becoming a PTO member is $25 per year and gives kids and parents a voice locally, as well as the opportunity to participate in PTO activities. We highly encourage parents to join!





... discuss things with fellow Norwood Public School parents, and keep up to speed on what's going on. Norwood Public School PTO has a Facebook page—which we use to share information that is of general interest. 



Whether you have 30 minutes or larger chunks of time, there is a place for you! Many Norwood Public School volunteers work full or part time.You can choose in-school jobs like Class Parent, Lunch Server, Walk-A-Thon, Book Fair, etc, at home projects like Box Tops, Ink Cartridges, etc., or leadership roles as part of the PTO board.