Directory App


PTO members can access the Norwood PTO family directory quickly and easily using the new Membership Toolkit Directory app! The app is available for free at the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android.


This app is simple to use and provides a super-fast way to:


  • Quickly confirm PTO event dates and times
  • Find contact information for school friends
  • "Remember" the names of the parents in your kids' classes during parties
  • Add new friend's contact info to your phone —with just a click.
  • And, there's even a brand-new map feature!




*Must be a paid member of the Norwood PTO to be listed in and to view the directory.


*If you belong to 4 organizations —all of which use Membership Toolkit, when you log in to the app you will see all 4 organizations presented and you can toggle between them.


We are so thankful to our Platinum sponsors for their generosity! 



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