After School Enrichment

Norwood PTO’s After School Enrichment is a 10 week program that offers a wide variety of classes. Students can explore and learn in small, friendly groups, under expert guidance for a reasonable fee. All classes take place at Norwood Public School.


The Spring 2020 Brochure is here!






Class Dates

All classes begin February 4, 2020 and the schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday: 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/14, 4/21
  • Wednesday: 2/5, 2/12, 2/26, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/15, 4/22
  • Thursday: 2/6, 2/13, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/16, 4/23
  • Friday: 2/7, 2/14, 2/28, 3/6, 3/13, 3/27, 4/3, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1

Admission and enrollment

Children must be in the indicated grade level to be admitted to a class. Class size is limited and they are filled at a "first come first serve" basis. Any class is subject to cancellation or combination due to insufficient enrollment. You will be notified through email.

Inclement weather and class cancellations

Classes are automatically canceled if school is either suspended or closed that day. Classes may also be canceled, at the instructor's discretion, due to inclement weather or personal emergency. These last minute cancellations will be announced during the school day and an attempt will be made to reach the parent at the phone number and/or email listed on your PTO account. It is the parent's responsibility to check for messages regarding cancellation that may be left by phone or email. Instructors will make up cancelled classes and notify you of make-up dates.

Arrival and departures

All enrichment classes run from 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm. After dismissal, students participating in the enrichment program will go to the APR where they will be checked in for their enrichment class by the enrichment coordinator. Instructors will pick up their entire class at the APR at 3:15 pm and return them there at 4:15 pm. All parents must arrive promptly at 4:15 pm and students will be dismissed to the parent/guardian at the front entrance of the school. PARENTS MUST BE AT THE FRONT DOOR AT DISMISSAL TIME. FOR SAFETY PURPOSES, NO CHILD WILL BE PERMITTED TO WALK TO A WAITING VEHICLE.


The fee for each class includes the cost of all relevant supplies, unless noted. Once registration is completed, no refunds will be made, no exceptions.

Please notify Mrs. Hennessey at the front office if your child attends school but does not go to enrichment on that day.






Rachel Schanck
After School Enrichment Co-Chair


Sophia Macchiaroli
After School Enrichment Co-Chair